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•Inspired by Henry Edwards Huntington, Tessa Developments & Excel Development Group had a vision to create a building that provided Brisbane’s inner city residents with the perfect balance between work and lifestyle.

•The design identifies with the raw components of nature and is seamlessly balanced by its restricted colour palette.

•Viewing the facade, one is greeted with an impeccable blend of materials and design flowing through to the luxe foyer, seamlessly transposed to effect the inspired balanced living of the residents within.

•Generous outdoor spaces within every residence complement open planned living areas with a flow of natural light illuminating the refined finishes within.

•The opportunity for idyllic harmonious living is a rare luxury inner-city, meticulously crafted, to be enjoyed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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Boutique development with 29 exclusive apartments are surrounded by soothing native trees and remarkable houses. Developed vy Tessa Developments and Excel Development Group.

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